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Timit Building provides specialised custom luxury construction services to the Gold Coast.

Custom luxury homes

Gold Coast homes with a luxury focus.

Timit Building has extensive experience building custom luxury homes on the Gold Coast.

From ocean-side to vast hinterland living, our luxury home expertise will ensure your new home will suit your lifestyle, personal style and setting on the sunny Gold Coast. Our strong relations with quality trade and suppliers ensure your custom home screams luxury. 

We build homes to last and only work with high-quality materials that will withstand the elements and gradual wear and tear. We also have extensive experience with demolishing existing homes to rebuild. 

You will love showing off your new custom luxury home, but more importantly, you will love coming home. We are committed to meeting your wants and needs and building your luxury Gold Coast sanctuary.

multi-residential construction

Gold Coast multi-residential construction knowledge and expertise.

Timit Building has an extensive Gold Coast multi-residential construction portfolio.

We are dedicated to building functional, beautiful, multi-residential properties that will provide safety and comfort to their residents. Our team consistently conduct market research for the Gold Coast area and stays up to date with luxury construction trends in the region. We work tirelessly to achieve outstanding results for developers and the Gold Coast community. 

We operate with complete transparency and work with developers to ensure we construct welcoming multi-residential properties that will attract buyers, investors and renters looking to enjoy the Gold Coast’s lifestyle in luxury. 

custom commercial construction

Gold Coast commercial construction expertise.

Timit Building constructs commercial properties that align with company branding and the Gold Coast’s lifestyle.

No commercial construction design is too big or too ambitious for our highly qualified team. We will work with you to understand your products, services and corporate image and ensure your commercial build attracts clients, patients and customers for the right reasons.

With the Gold Coast’s ever-growing population and infrastructure come new design and construction trends, and we remain at the forefront of the industry’s advancements.

But, while we are committed to creating unique spaces for our Gold Coast commercial construction clients, we will ensure your property and fit-out incorporates building features that will never go out of style.