About Us


Timit Building is dedicated to turning ambitious visions into tangible realities.

Our vision is to be a leading force in the construction industry, and we aspire to create exceptional spaces that inspire and enrich our lives.

Timit Building envisions a future where our projects redefine skylines and communities and leave lasting, positive environmental impacts. We operate with passion and a deep commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. 

We approach our luxury construction projects with a positive team culture, meticulous craftsmanship, strict safety protocols and the advanced technologies and processes vital for high-end construction.   

With each project, we aim to set new standards of excellence, forging ahead with integrity, sustainability, and creativity and becoming synonymous with turning dreams into enduring landmarks.

Meet the team

The Timit Building team operates with passion, respect and a collaborative mindset .

Tim Penrose: founder/Director

Bringing a wealth of experience exceeding two decades in the construction industry, Tim Penrose stands at the helm of the Timit Building team. With a background in carpentry and an unparalleled attention to detail, Tim is a hands-on operator, dedicated to the seamless coordination of projects and business operations.

His collaborative leadership style ensures clear lines of communication, precise timeframes, and stringent quality standards, creating a streamlined workflow from our skilled trade workers to the managerial team. As Founder and Director, Tim’s commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of Timit Building’s success in the construction industry.

Irina Penrose: Interior Design

Passionate about all facets of design, Irina Penrose brings her expertise in project finishes, materials, colors, and furniture selections to the forefront of Timit Building. Armed with a Certificate 4 and a Diploma in Interior Design, Irina works closely with clients and building designers, ensuring a harmonious integration of aesthetics and functionality.

Through collaborative efforts, Irina ensures that our design and construction projects authentically capture the essence of the client’s design brief, resulting in meticulously crafted and beautiful interiors that exceed expectations.

Justus Grant: Construction Manager

With qualifications as a carpenter and a licensed builder, Justus Grant boasts extensive knowledge and experience across residential, industrial, and commercial construction. Accumulating over 20 years in both practical, hands-on and managerial roles, Justus is a staunch advocate for workplace health and safety.

In his role as Construction Manager, Justus oversees major residential and commercial projects, meticulously coordinating materials, suppliers, trades, subcontractors, and staff. His influential role extends to mentoring and supporting our site supervisors, contributing significantly to the success and safety of our construction projects.