Custom Homes

When building a new home there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula. There are many things to consider to achieve a successful outcome.



Location & Budget

Two of the biggest considerations are the location and budget. The block of land needs to be thoroughly investigated, to determine the orientation, setbacks, aspect, and most importantly what lies beneath the surface, the soil type. If you have a budget to work to, these two factors are key parameters around the design.


Sloping blocks and difficult sites generally cost more to build on, and if there is rock beneath costs can increase significantly with excavation. For limited budgets, building a home on stumps may be a good option to maximse your budget. A drawback here is the home becomes elevated as the land drops away, losing connectivity to the natural ground levels. In these situations we can find a balance of slab on ground and stumps, limiting the amount of excavation while working with the natural contours of the land. With larger budgets, excavation, retaining, and split levels can maximise design opportunities. For peace of mind we can assist you with an onsite consultation before you settle on the land.

Specific Requirements

It is really important to consider what it is you want from your new home. What is your lifestyle? What stage of life are you in... young family, down sizers,  looking to retire?

What style do you like... traditional... contemporary? How may bedrooms & bathrooms? Split levels? Any specific requirements?

We take the time to identify your requirements while considering functionality, natural light, ventilation, energy efficiency, and the materials and selections you desire.

As the design evolves we use design modelling to walk through projects identifying risks and opportunities, and with your input and feedback we can comfortably push the design to the next level while keeping within the specified budget.

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