Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

We use only licensed, professional tradespeople, and guarantee all workmanship is of a high standard. If you are not 100% satisfied with the completed project we will engage an independent licensed defect inspector to complete an inspection report, and will rectify within 14 days (or as soon as is possible if materials need to be ordered.)

Fixed Price Contracts and Build Time

We use Master Builders Fixed Price Contracts and provide a detailed specification outlining the precise scope of work, so you know exactly what’s included and there are no hidden surprises.

We are happy to accommodate any variations you request as construction proceeds, all of which are quoted and documented for your review and approval beforehand. No extra work will ever be completed without prior communication and approval. The Project budget, variations, and schedule is available at all times via our online portal, which makes it nice and easy to track your project as it progresses.

Before any of our jobs commence, thorough planning takes place and a schedule of work is completed. Included within the schedule is a contingency period that allows for any adverse weather or unforeseen delays. This enables us to accurately forecast the construction timeline so we can provide you with set start and finish dates. Any time overruns are subject to liquidated damages.
Open the PDF to download our Master Checklist for comparing quotes

Free Online Access to Project

Our online system gives you access to everything about your project. You can make selections, see progress, browse photos, review financial decisions, send messages, and more. All from any computer, tablet or smartphone keeping you up to date no matter where you are!
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Tailored Design and Personalised Service

We understand that one size does not fit all, and provide our clients with the option to customise our designs, or theirs as much as they like during the planning and construction phases.

Additional fees will be charged when more than 3 revisions have been made to plans during design, and once construction is underway any variations include a 20% project management fee as these significantly slow down progress onsite and consume additional administrative time.

From the outset we run through all the options and communicate any areas of concern, this ensure our clients understand the design and finishes, and to minimizes the potential likelihood of variations and additional costs.

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