Upper Rosemount, Rosemount

Upper Rosemount project - view from outside

Project Details

Taylor’d Distinction
2022 – 2023
Floor Area:
Construction Duration:
12 Months
4x 3 Bed, 2 Bath, DLUG

Barbara Watson, Owner

“Hey Tim,

Finally stopping for the day and reflecting on the build. We have really appreciated the access you have enabled for us, particularly over the last few months, which has enabled us to work on the landscaping to help mould our dream.

I imagine it might seem to you that there were no surprises for us in taking possession today but I can absolutely assure you it was awesome to be there this afternoon just with you with the house looking fabulous and as we have been picturing all the times we’ve been there.

It means the world to us, thanks for the journey.

Barb & Jeff xx”