Renovations & Extensions


Renovating and extending your home is a great way to upgrade without changing your address.
Often it is more feasible that knocking down and rebuilding, and value can be created when done correctly.

The hallmarks of a successful renovation show no delineation between the new and existing elements.
Effective design and attention to detail is paramount so it all blends seamlessly together.

The building process is of equal importance and can be stressful to the inexperienced.
For those wishing to reside in their home while renovations are being completed, it is critical to ensure you select a builder that puts your well being first.
The entire team of individuals onsite must be known and trusted, and be sensitive and respectful of your space to ensure a pleasant experience.

A fixed time frame is a must, as you don’t want this process to be drawn out.
The building quote and specification must be well considered to not pass on ‘unforeseen costs’ to the homeowner, and this is where it pays to compare apples with apples when assessing quotes.

Our success in the area of renovating and extending is no accident.
It is the combination and consideration of many fine details that’s delivered positive experiences for our clients time and time again.
If your looking to renovate or extend we can handle the process from conception to completion.
Simply get in touch and we can arrange a consultation to assess your project.

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